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Kaffe Fassett

In the Studio by Kaffe Fassett


Kaffe Fassett in the Studio – Behind the Scenes with a Master Colourist includes new quilting and knitting patterns and needlepoint projects.

Kaffe Fassett in the Studio is an in-depth look at the legendary designer’s creative output across multiple practices, including needlework, quilting and knitting, exquisitely photographed by Debbie Patterson.

With a collection of new quilting and knitting patterns and needlepoint projects, as well as never-seen-before photography of his London home, in this latest book, his bold sense of colour and his favourite designs will inspire your own creations at home.

“In my lectures and workshops, participants often ask about my house: can they visit? I have to discourage this – I’d never have time to do my work if I had to entertain visitors! So, I thought I would write a book that attempts to show my creative space and process.  This book aims to satisfy that curiosity about the flow of colour that comes from inside my house.

All textile making is just another way to play with colour that is at the same time deeply therapeutic to do. To sit at the end of my studio, surrounded by yarn or piles of fabric, and dream up a new design is what satisfies my soul.

I’ve been fascinated by the different patterns and colour palettes mingling together in cultures – with that love of pattern, I’ve created strong patterns across multiple practices, including needlepoint, quilting and knitting and invite you into my Colour Lab”.