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Twist Shorties, Short Red Lace Interchangeables - ChiaoGoo


ChiaoGoo Twist Shorties Set is the world's shortest interchangeable set with ultra-short 2" and 3" solid, surgical stainless steel tips in sizes US 0 - US 8. Choose from the Mini size with Red Cables or the Small size with Blue X-Flex Cables to make 9"-14" circular needles. ChiaoGoo has thought of it all in this micro-set, including cable connectors, tightening keys, a needle gauge, stitch markers, and end stoppers all together in a lovely red or blue travel-size fabric case. 

**Blue X-Flex Interchangeable Cables are the same type of cable as the Red TWIST Cables, just more flexible!

  • MINI Shorties Set with Red Cables - 6 pairs of 2" tips and 6 pairs of 3" tips in US 0 - US 3 and 3 Mini red cables to make 9" to 14" circulars N0. 7230-M
  • SMALL Shorties Set with Blue Cables - 5 pairs of 2" tips and 5 pairs of 3" tips in US 4 - US 8 and 3 Small blue X-Flex cables to make 9" to 14" circulars N0. 7239-S

Accessories included in Mini & Small TWIST Shorties Sets:

  • 2 end stoppers, tightening keys, 2 connectors, 6 stitch markers, and a mini needle gauge
  • Red or Blue, pocket-sized nylon fabric pouch with a secure sleeve for tips, approx. 4 3/4" x 3 7/8".